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Discover Spanish at its best in Vamos. We are a Spanish school that goes beyond the conventional. Here you will not find simple grammar lessons, but an enriching and transforming experience. Immerse yourself in Madrid, the vibrant capital that reflects the essence of Spain, and enjoy all it has to offer. Our courses, with up-to-date and immersive methodologies, will provide you with a stimulating and effective experience.

Our goal is to awaken your genuine interest in the Spanish language and culture, giving you the tools, you need to achieve your goals. Join our global community of Spanish enthusiasts and discover the authentic learning experience we offer. We look forward to welcoming you to Vamos to embark on this exciting language adventure!

A Spanish language school that knows how to make a difference

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The IFC Group’s Spanish language school in Madrid is a place that goes beyond the traditional teaching of Spanish. In our facilities of more than 400 m2, you will find a welcoming space with more than 6 classrooms equipped with projectors, screens, and computers to provide you with a dynamic learning experience.

Our classrooms have capacity for up to 20 students, allowing us to offer classes with enough space to make each one of the activities proposed by the teachers dynamic. We also have a break area where you can enjoy a coffee or a snack between classes. And most importantly, we are in the charming Salamanca neighborhood, just a few minutes from the Retiro Park and with a wide variety of services close to the school. Get to know our school and discover how we can help you achieve your language goals at Vamos – The IFC Group Spanish language school.

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