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Welcome to Vamos – The Spanish language school of the IFC Group! Since our beginnings in 2006, we have excelled in the field of mobility by preparing people in the Spanish language for specific purposes. However, we are much more than a language school.

At Vamos, we believe that Spanish is much more than a set of grammatical rules. It is a powerful vehicle for communication between people, a differentiating element that allows us to understand each other, live and work together in a deeper way. That is why, in each of our courses, we seek to reflect that special spark that makes them unique and meaningful to our students. Here you won’t just find conjugation lessons, but an enriching and transformative experience.
Studying Spanish in Vamos means immersing yourself in the language from its very cradle, from the capital of our country, the heart of our culture and our language. Madrid is the vibrant center where all the essences of Spain converge, and we invite you to explore and enjoy everything it has to offer.

At Vamos, we understand that the teaching of Spanish as a language is dynamic and constantly evolving. We are passionate about applying up-to-date and immersive methodologies, as well as using cutting-edge technology to offer you a stimulating and effective learning experience. Our main objective is to awaken in each student a genuine interest in the Spanish language and culture, increasing their motivation and providing them with the necessary tools to achieve their goals.

We have an extensive and successful track record in teaching Spanish, and this experience is reflected in our courses, where each student is treated with the utmost care and attention. s courses, where each student is treated in a unique and special way. We are proud to work with foreign students, teachers, and school directors, as well as with renowned institutions and companies. We are here to provide you with an exceptional educational experience that goes beyond the classroom and authentically connects you to the Spanish language and culture.

At Vamos, we invite you to join our global community of passionate Spanish speakers. Discover the beauty and magic of our language as you immerse yourself in a life-changing educational experience and we look forward to welcoming you with open arms to embark on this exciting language adventure at Vamos – The IFC Group Spanish School!

Friendly and welcoming atmosphere

Our team is committed to providing you with a friendly and personalised service, making sure that you feel comfortable and motivated during your Spanish language learning.

Flexible and varied programmes

We offer a wide range of programmes and courses adapted to your interests and schedule.

Global connection

Through our partnerships with renowned institutions and companies, you will have access to an international network of professional and academic opportunities.

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Fully equipped classrooms for 20 people
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Our team

At Vamos, we have a team of people of excellent human quality. Our management team is made up of professionals committed to the Spanish language, each one of us with extensive experience in the management and direction of centres and offering impeccable management to make your adventure as successful as possible. In addition, our team of teachers, the heart and soul of the school, are all native Spanish speakers with an exceptional command of the Spanish language and are highly qualified and committed to the learning and productive study of each student. Together, we strive to provide you with a personalised, quality educational experience.
Alexander Bell
Ceo & Founder
Javier Moreno Gómez
Ceo & Founder
Juan Luis Rebollo Álvarez
Director comercial
Manuel Rodrigo García Díaz
Director académico



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